D&G Development Group delivers a full-service menu of real estate services involving all aspects of real estate ownership, investment, and operation. Our depth of experience in owning, developing, and operating commercial real estate assets gives us a holistic perspective to the delivery of our third party services and creates significant value for our clients and investment partners. Our network of affiliated real estate professionals uniquely positions our company to respond to a dynamic market and deliver favorable and managed-risk outcomes. Our services are as follows:
Acquisition & Land Development
In addition to the origination of in-house acquisition, value-add, and development opportunities, D&G Development Group routinely performs a full range of development services for third-party owners and development partners. Our third party development services include advisory and representation with respect to site selection, entitlements, design, budgeting, financial modeling, capital formation and funding origination, construction procurement and execution, and disposition.
Construction Management
With approximately 15 years of experience in Construction and Development Management, D&G Development Group has the capacity to represent Owners and Developers in a wide range of real estate construction projects. Whether the particular project is a $650 Million mixed-use project, an apartment complex, or an industrial up-fit, we are well-able to coordinate with owners and developers in the budgeting, estimation, buy-out, and execution of every type of construction project. By close scrutiny of the budget and vigilant keeping of schedule progress, we aggressively seek out synergy and efficiency to accrete project value to our clients.
Property & Asset Management
D&G Development Group’s understanding of the intrinsic and contextual value of real assets governs its disciplined approach to property and asset management. By recognizing that tenant and end user experience is fundamentally tied to a project’s long term economic profitability, each management decision is made in consideration of the customer experience, tenant retention, and the owner’s ultimate investment returns and objectives. We manage for the long term investment horizon and advocate an efficient and strategic deployment of operating capital in order that all of our managed assets would perform beyond expectation.